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Studio Saha is an architectural and interiors firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California.

Saha is taken from the Arabic word for plaza, internal courtyard; one of our very favorite types of spaces. All around the world, courtyards and plazas create a sense of refuge and delight… At Studio Saha we strive to create buildings and spaces which embody these qualities.

Beauty – Functionality- Sustainability

We work with you to take the building you have- or the one you want to create- and make it more beautiful, functional, and sustainable.

The Work We Do

Our project types are single family residential (new and renovations), ADU- accessory dwelling units (attached ADUs and detached ADUs),  multi- family residential renovations , and Co-living homes.


Please tell us a little about the project you have in mind, what stage you are in, and if you’d like any help just getting started. We are happy to set up a phone call to chat once we hear back from you.