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Studio Saha is an architectural and interiors firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area in Oakland, California.

“Saha” is taken from the Arabic word for “plaza, internal courtyard”- one of our very favorite types of spaces.  All around the world, courtyards and plazas create a sense of refuge and delight, and we strive to create buildings and spaces which reflect these qualities.

We create sophisticated buildings, interiors, and outdoor spaces that are tailored to our clients’ individual taste and requirements. Our project types are single family residential (new and renovations), multi- family residential renovations (including co-living homes), commercial renovations, and hospitality renovations.


We enjoy the communication process with our clients, and see it as the way into the best design solutions.

We work with our clients from the “predesign” phase of work, through architectural design, permits, and construction. We also provide “design consulting” services to clients who want to consider a project, or explore a scope and cost before committing to further design.

 We believe in close collaboration with builders, so that the design as conceived can best be realized in physical form, with the benefit of the builders’ expertise and cost consulting throughout. We use a system of interim cost estimating from predesign and throughout design, rather than waiting until the end of design for the final “bid” or construction price.


Since 2003, Studio Saha has been part of the movement toward buildings and spaces that are healthy for their occupants as well as the planet. We typically refer to five areas of work as we breakdown the green building aspects:  Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality, Resource Conservation, and Community.

We have a passion for “green design” and “sustainability” which require design consideration and technical knowledge from not only our architectural team, but also consultants and builders. We’ve developed a rich network of partners in all sectors.

An area of current exploration is building electrification (“going electric”)  in which the energy source of a building is entirely electric. This change away from burning fossil fuel (natural gas) to power a building allows a significant decrease in our carbon footprint. It can be done, it is being done, and it will have a significant impact. For several of our recent projects, we’ve made the leap, and in the process our clients have buildings that are much more energy efficient, thermally comfortable, and less expensive to operate.

Formerly Mercedes Corbell Design + Architecture

Principal Mercedes Corbell is a LEED AP and licensed architect in the state of California -C28967  and Arizona-67039, and a member of Build it Green and North American Passive House Network.

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